Can you leave your phone on in an airplane

A light story for a Friday; we’re all used to having to turn our phones off during a flight however is this an actual issue or is it a case or potential danger being averted?

A survey conducted by online travel agency Travelstart, finds that up to 15 mobile phones are left on during any international flight and around five phones left on during domestic flights.

The survey polled some 7,600 South African travellers, of which around 3% said they never turned their phones off during a flight, despite being asked to by cabin crew.

A similar study conducted in the US found that nearly one-third of passengers admitted to accidentally forgetting to turn off their smartphones and other electronic devices in flight.

The joint study by the Airline Passenger Experience Association and Consumer Electronics Association, found that, while more than 90% agree those flight attendant directions to turn off devices are clear, 59% say they always turn their devices completely off and 21% say they switch their devices to “airplane mode.”

Some 5% said they sometimes completely shut down their devices.

Thankfully devices such as the HP Slate are perfectly allowed during in-flight mode as well as all our other devices. Keeping your phone off during a flight has never actually led to a plane crashing, better safe than sorry!